Investment Strategy


We have a flexible investment mandate within the Technology, Media and Telecommunications sector (please see our full Investing Policy for details), but we currently focus on identifying investment opportunities meeting the following criteria:

Company stage: Growth

Investment size: $250,000 – $3,000,000

Preferred industry segments:

Big Data solutions

Business SAAS tools



We carefully assess opportunities for their scalability, growth potential and synergies with our existing investments.

We have significant experience in the viral growth and social networking areas. Our investment team consists of accomplished entrepreneurs and business professionals who have launched, sold, invested in and managed numerous technology businesses, with tens of millions of users and hundreds of millions in total revenues. We have grown products to tens of millions of users, and we always aim at helping our investees with our expertise. We have deep understanding of how viral mechanisms work and focus on start-ups that share this understanding.

TMT does invest in pre-growth projects. However, while we are always on the lookout for highly scalable ideas, we want them to shape up into a service with demonstrated growth potential before we make an investment. In addition to financial resources, TMT helps with advice, partnership development, distribution channels, promotion and monetization.

A project’s potential to synergistically co-promote, co-sell, cross-sell and even potentially merge with our existing portfolio companies is an additional advantage.