Igor Shoifot, Investment Partner (USA)

Igor is a serial entrepreneur who started and ran 12 companies, including two (Fotki.com, one of the largest photo sites, and Microsoft WebTV’s Epsylon Games the largest games portal on MSN TV in late 90s/early 2000s) that reached millions of users and generated tens of millions of dollars in revenues, and one (vInternship) that he sold to Manhattan Institute. Igor has advised and consulted startups, banks, venture capital firms and Fortune 100 companies.

He founded startups in such areas as Video-On-Demand, Voice-Over-IP, document management, software development, social networking and media sharing, and published articles and interviews at The Wall Street Journal, Venture Beat and many other publications. Igor occasionally writes for San Francisco Examiner. He has lectured to graduates and undergraduates on entrepreneurship, advertising, digital media and business at New York University, UC Berkeley, Stanford, University of California San Francisco and other schools. Passionate about entrepreneurship and viral growth, Igor is currently writing a book “101 Viral Growth Tools” and teaches as an adjunct at UC Berkeley. He holds PhD, MBA, MA and BA degrees from universities in Boston, Budapest and Moscow.

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